Sir Richard’s has won my heart.


As a very sexual human being, I am not proud to admit that I don’t use condoms as often as I should. I am in a committed long term relationship so STD’s aren’t necessarily a concern for me, but I’m not trying to be a baby mama just yet. For me, condoms always took the fun out of getting freaky. I pretty much boycotted them altogether for over a year. When these beauties showed up at the shop though, I was very intrigued. The graphic design is what drew me in. It’s crisp and classy appearance has a warmth to it. I tried the pleasure dots first and fell in love! It was easily the best wrapped up experience I’ve ever had. I was originally discouraged by the unnatural barrier that some condoms can add, but Sir Richard’s Pleasure Dots grip in all the right places. The different textures add variety and extra stimulation that are perfect for tantric play too ♥