Sir Richard’s has won my heart.


As a very sexual human being, I am not proud to admit that I don’t use condoms as often as I should. I am in a committed long term relationship so STD’s aren’t necessarily a concern for me, but I’m not trying to be a baby mama just yet. For me, condoms always took the fun out of getting freaky. I pretty much boycotted them altogether for over a year. When these beauties showed up at the shop though, I was very intrigued. The graphic design is what drew me in. It’s crisp and classy appearance has a warmth to it. I tried the pleasure dots first and fell in love! It was easily the best wrapped up experience I’ve ever had. I was originally discouraged by the unnatural barrier that some condoms can add, but Sir Richard’s Pleasure Dots grip in all the right places. The different textures add variety and extra stimulation that are perfect for tantric play too ♥



Darla Reviews: Ora by Lelo


What it is:

The new Ora, by Lelo, is one of the prettiest and most surprising toys I’ve had the joy of playing with. It is an external stimulator that has a knob that either quickly flicks or rotates in long sensual strokes, creating a sensation similar to oral sex. The appearance of it is as sexy as it will make you, featuring some embellishing metal around the center, and soft high-grade silicone around the exterior. This toy has 10 different modes, on top of a variety of intensities for each. Lelo also boasts that this toy has a new ‘intense’ mode that is said to give you 30% more power instantly.

What it does:

The Ora looks like a new kind of Bluetooth speaker, so they get an A+ for discretion. Lelo also stepped up their game with the new intense setting. Folks, I’m happy to announce it is all that, AND a bag of chips! The vibration is more stimulating and deeply penetrating, without changing the frequency much. The cycling knob that is below a blanket of silicone is the perfect size, very much like the tip of a tongue. It flicks either in a quick back and forth half circle, or it can make a full revolution with varying pressures. This is how it achieves that unpredictable and intimate feeling you get from cunnilingus. With all these different options, it’s not as much work as it sounds. Think of it like this; just lay back, flip through the channels, and be pleasantly surprised by each.

The Verdict:

For the most part, Ora really delivered. The orbiting combined with vibration was fabulous. It gave the sensation that I was not in control, which is amazing given I’m holding onto the little sucker. Although the rotation is superb, the knob catches on the silicone when pressure is applied. This causes a hiccup in the whole process. One of the best parts about oral is having all your lovely creases probed, and this toy doesn’t quite take a pounding like I wish it would. However, much like the real thing, this is the perfect way to warm up. If you like a soft sensual touch, this is the toy for you. (I paired this with the GiGi2 by Lelo. It’s safe to say I felt like the conductor of a symphony afterward.) It truly left me dripping and ravenous.

Darla Day

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Allow me to introduce myself;

Hello All,

Ever wonder who’s behind all this delectable naughtiness?

Well wonder no longer; you can call me Darla. I work at the Shag shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’m the current designer for our blog, flyers, and will also be doing the toy reviews. My predecessor, Dixon Malone, left some mighty sexy shoes to fill, and now I have the honors. I will do all I can to follow in her footsteps and keep you informed, entertained, and wanting more.

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Darla Reviews: Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss

shunga lip gloss

What it is:

Ever feel your mouth watering with anticipation? I sure did when I saw Shunga created a lip-gloss that made giving oral an explosive and tasty treat. Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss is both a cosmetic and a sexual experience enhancer. It is to be applied liberally, and then ideally removed by long kisses on your lover’s sensually sensitive areas. I’m a sucker for makeup, so having a gloss that my boyfriend would get excited about too was a naughty dream come true. Knowing it’s scandalous nature, it can be a thrill applying it in public, especially when your lover is with you- both of you knowing exactly what’s coming next.

The box is very sleek and features an Asian inspired décor, while the bottle is very clean, simple, and discreet. The actual gloss itself is clear and has a nice satiny feel. It even tastes delicious!

What it does:

If you’ve ever used lip-plumping gloss, you’ll probably find the first application on your pouty smile to feel very similar. After a few seconds, the tingling begins! It’s a sort of carbonated kick, instead of the usual burning that comes with any recipe that’s said to increase sensitivity. For peak performance, you put it on generously and then go down on your lucky guy or gal. Kiss your lover hard and let their lips venture to all of your sweet spots. This gloss had my clit singing and made me feel even the smallest breathe. Strawberries and champagne will dance across your palette when your tongue ventures to those loved areas, making oral a real treat for both men and women. This gloss also creates a sort of warming and cooling effect in time and with prolonged stimulation. The ebb and flow will help push you to your edge, before hurling you over it into a sea of bliss. It goes perfectly with nipple play too!

The Verdict:

I, Darla, give this gloss my seal of approval and two thumbs way up! The sensations it creates are not overly extreme, but leaves your intimate areas buzzing and craving more. You’ll also feel sexy doing it!

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Dixon Reviews: The njoy Eleven

njoy eleven

What it is:

The njoy Eleven is a sex toy of mythic proportions (by that I mean 11 inches). I used to sit at SHAG, looking at it wistfully, wondering if I would ever get to experience its 100% stainless steel curves and girth. Well…my lucky day came a few weeks ago.

“Guess what I got!”, my friend mentioned to me as we were getting ready for a party of a sexual nature. “The Eleven!”.

My eyes got big and I practically jumped up and down. Once we got to the party I didn’t even want to do the normal awkward cocktail party portion of the evening and wanted to get straight to the sexy fun.

What it does:

We tried starting with the big side, but it was too big to just go in without a little warm up. So we started with the smaller end. The smaller end is 1.75″ in girth and curved, and was great for g-spot stimulation. Surprisingly it was not that cold, and warmed up to my body temperature very quickly.

After a few minutes, I was ready for the big stuff. The larger end is 2″ in girth. At first, I was not sure it would go but sure enough it did. Each side is shaped like the head of a penis, so once the “head” was in, it felt really great. I think we spent about 30 minutes playing with it. The full sensation was wonderful. At one point I reached down and realized the thing was pretty much all the way inside me! Oh, the magical and mystical elastic properties of the vagina!

The Verdict:

Anyways. This toy was A LOT of fun. I like it because it is stainless steel, which means it can be completely sanitized. You can boil it, throw it in the dishwasher etc. You can also use any type of lube with this (water based, silicone based, or any combination of the two). It’s perfect for some sensation play, since you can warm it up (not too much now!!) or put it in the freezer in case you or your partner need to cool down. In addition, stainless steel is an earth friendly material and can be recycled when you decide (though I don’t know why you would) to get rid of your njoy Eleven. Lastly, the Eleven is great for solo and partner play. I think this toy would be great for couples because you can really explore someone’s limits and boundaries with the Eleven, which is always strengthening to any relationship.

Disclaimer: The size is not so huge that it’s impossible for the average person to take, but this is not for the faint of heart or beginners.

Want to give the njoy Eleven a try? (Click the link to find it on our site.)

(This information is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. Also, please see our full DISCLAIMER)