Our Mission

“SHAG aims to address issues relating to humanity, identity, gender, and sexuality that have been considered taboo in our culture for far too long.  Facilitating open dialogue with the general public, mediated through the work of talented artists, SHAG aspires to unite sex and art (two things that have lived under the same roof for centuries) and create an environment that is inviting, un-intimidating, fun, and open to all.

SHAG functions as a retail store, fine art gallery, and event space. Virtually all of our inventory, from the art on the walls to our stock of retail goods, has been made by local artists.  SHAG is interested in supporting the local community by creating a platform through which artists can uninhibitedly express themselves, and generate a discourse on historically misrepresented issues revolving around “sex”.

SHAG’s ability to retail “functional” art is of extreme significance, bridging the gap between fine art and commercial retail.  SHAG’s products are available to the general public at affordable prices, giving the masses an opportunity to own functional, one-of-a kind pieces of art.

SHAG also functions as an art gallery and event space. We seek to further support our fine artists with gallery exhibitions, featuring a wide range of painters, photographers, and sculptors.  SHAG hosts educational programming for the public, including seminars and lectures addressing the complex issues of sexuality, gender, and relationships, as well as discussions on contemporary art and how it relates to our society.  We offer art-related classes focusing on life drawing, body painting, casting, and other community-driven interests.  SHAG positions itself as a holistic facility for artists of all forms, including music, written word, performance art, dance, etc.

The ultimate goal of SHAG is to offer our customers an open, inviting, and educated experience, allowing for positive exploration of sex and togetherness in all relationships.”

Sam, Ashley, and Pearl